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Photographer: Sanna Lehto

Linda is a children's book author who likes software and sparkles.

Linda is the author and illustrator of Hello Ruby, a children’s picture book about the whimsical world of computers, as well as the founder of Rails Girls, a global movement to teach young women programming in over 260 cities. She loves Muji, Zelda Fitzgerald, software and sparkly things.

Topics & booking

Linda's speaking topics range from education to AI. Depending on the client, the format can range from workshops to keynotes. To book Linda, send an e-mail to

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Example talks

One Hundred Languages

Computers surround us in our daily lives, but the most powerful ideas of computing go beyond the sleek silver containers and glowing boxes. What are these ideas? And how do we prepare our kids for a world where more and more of the problems around us look like computers?

To find out, we'll travel back in time: from a jacquard loom maker with his punch cards, an inventor obsessed with cogs and steam, an electrical engineer who combined laws of electrical circuits with eccentric English mathematical logic and countless other philosophers, material scientists, artists, dreamers and tinkerers. Technology is about humans, and big their ideas.

Linda Liukas will talk about how we can move towards a more humane tech industry, and identifies what it means to approach technology from the unique perspective.

Through practical examples, this keynote explores modern interpretations of the intersection between humanities and technology.

Example talks

No maps, only compasses

How do we navigate the new frontiers of technology in an increasingly digitalised world? If every company is going to be a software company, what does this mean for your company? In this talk Linda will take us on a tour of the changing possibilities technology offers for individuals, business and entire countries. And what might we learn from children?

Example talks

Principles of Play

If code is the colouring pens and lego blocks of our times - the tools of creation - how do we teach the curiosity, joy and wonder to our kids? Linda has been looking at programming and play: how to create experiences that go deeper than just learning logic. This talk summarises Linda’s three principles of play and a few experiments she has learned with little Ruby and the journey she has had as a children's books author.

Example talks

Magical, but not magic

Magic has entered our world. It's in our pockets, anticipating our needs, thin and glossy and foreign. But it’s not the magic wand of Harry Potter Linda Liukas is talking about, it’s our technology, the computers, phones and gadget that increasingly run our worlds. We should prepare our children to a world where every problem is a computer problem - make them ready to engage, influence and built this world to be beautiful, better and maybe a bit whimsical.

Example clients

Linda works with technology and media companies, educational institutions, governments and museums.

Nokia Networks (FIN), Schibsted (NO), Gemalto (FR), CIO City (NE), Fujitsu (FI), Comptel (FI). Talks for R & D departments and engineering as part of leadership training.

Rakuten (JP), Nordic Business Forum (FI). Education for the 21st century, big yearly conferences.

Wired (UK), National Gallery in Victoria with Telstra (AU). More experimental content - around technology & creativity.

MIT (US), Google (US), Mozilla (US). Lunch workshops where I've given talks. I've also done a ton of programming conferences.

New York Department of Education (US), City of Stockholm (SWE), DIDDATTICHE (IT). Teacher training ranging from one days to three days.

Selected talks

TED: A Delightful Way to Teach Kids about Computers
National Gallery of Victoria: The Fusion of Art and Technology
TED: Crawling into a computer

Selected Press


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Awards, accolades & presskit

UNESCO High Level Reflection Group 2019

Technology Playmaker of the Year 2019

Forbes Top 50 Women in Tech Europe 2018

Dubai 2020 Global Expo finalist

DIA Gold 2017, China's biggest Design Award

TED Resident 2017

Thinkers 20: The Brightest Business Minds of Northern Europe 2016

50 most inspiring women in technology in Europe 2015, 2018, 2019

The Young Speaker of the Year in Finland 2015

Finland State Award for Children’s Culture 2014

30 under 30 in Northern Europe 2014

Ruby Hero 2013

For a full presskit with bio & photos, visit here.


23-24.1.2020 BETT, London, UK

25.1.2020 Educa, Helsinki, FINLAND

1.2.2020 2020 NV STEAM Conference, Reno, US

5.2.2020 LIFE2020, Rovaniemi, FINLAND

22-24.2 TBA, Dubai, UAE

11.3 Deloitte, Copenhagen, DENMARK

18-20.3 TBA, Paris, FRANCE

26-29.3 Tech Playmaker of the Year, London, UK

13-16.7 TBA, DC, US

21.8 Euruko, Helsinki, FINLAND

1-3.11 TBA, Reykjavik, ICELAND